Cathy Franks Quilting and Design
Cutom Machine Quilting Service
Thanks you for thinking about using my custom machine quilting services. All quilts are treated with the  respect, love and care they deserve.
 Please contact by email to send or bring you quilt to me. All delivery services can be used. 

How to send your quilt.
 Include the quilt top and backing
The backing should be 10 inches bigger  in both length and width. Example: 60 inch quilt top needs to have a backing 70 inches by 70 inches.  

 I use Hobb's 80/20 for most quilt. I also have Hobb's wool batting on request

Cost of quilting:
Basting-.005 cents per inch
simple meander-.01 per.sq inch
simple custom-.02per. sq. inch
custom-.02.5-.05 per sq.inch
   How to determine square inch of you quilt. Example: your quilt is 72 x 58. Multiple 72 times 58=4,178. multiple 4,178 by the kind of quilting you want, let say custom at .0225. your total for the quilting cost is $104.40.
Batting and thread are charged at a separate charge. Batting is usually a  25 cent per square inch charge. Example a quilt that is 72 x 58 the batting charge is $10.14. Thread is charged Acording to the type of thread you want, cotton, variegated or specialty.

 I quilt using a free motion method. I can create any design you wish. Please include the design you want or you can leave that up tp me. 99% of my clients do just this.
Please contact me  with any questions you may have
Thank you, Cathy
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