Cathy Franks Quilting and Design

Class Schedule

 Houston Quilt Festival 2016
Fri Nov 4 Class #564 Stacked and stunning Border  1-5 PM-6-9 PM
Sat, Nov 5th Class #719 Rock the quilt 8-noon
Sat Nov 5th  Class 3 752 In the Beginning 1-5pm
Stacked and stunning borders
   Do you have a huge border you need to fill and don't have a clue how to do it? this is the class for you! I will show you how to divide and conquer that border to frame and enhance the quilt. Have stencils but don't know how to use them? I show you tips and tricks to use them in more than just one way. Tha goes for templates and rulers too. Did you know that most templates can be used in more than 7 different ways. I will show you what you can design with a circle, oval, bird and spiderweb template plus your free handout will have all these designs in it. I will also show you how to take the math out of border design, create corner designs and much more.

Class #719 Rock the quilt

  The choice of quilting design will make or break the quilt. Will straight line or curves work best. We will quilt the same block 5 different ways  so you can see what will enhance the block design. Tons of different designs ideas given in class as well as in the free handout you will receive in class. Please fell free to bring some quilts you may have questions about so we can talk in class how to solve some off these design issues.
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