Cathy Franks Quilting and Design
Stacked and stunning borders
   The border can frame and enhance your quilts. In class I will show you how to divide the border space prperly with out using math. I will give to tons of design ideas to fill that space and how to use stencils and template in more than just one way. Did you know that most templates can be used at least 7 different ways? Please come to class to see what you can mdesign with circles, ovals, bird and spiderweb templates plus all the design ideas will be yours in the free class handout.

Rock the quilt
  Let's take your quilts from ok to wow. I will show many design ideas that will give that wow factor to your quilts.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      We’ve Only Just begun…

 To quilt that is. That big, wonderful longarm machine is sitting in your studio and you’re thinking “now what? “Have no fear, help is here! I’ll share my secrets on how to avoid the mistakes I made when I started out years ago on this quilting journey with the longarm. We will start with getting ready to quilt. That means proper pressing, measuring and squaring up the backing. How to float a top and stabilizing the top before you do all your detailed quilting that may cause the quilt to go out of square. We will be doing how to start and stop a line of quilting, how to do in the ditch quilting and free motion quilting. I’ll share tons of tips on what tools you need, how to mark a quilt and how to find quilting designs. I hope to have time to discuss how to come up with quilting ideas for your quilts so please bring a quilt top or a picture to share.  See you in class!

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